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The Top Australian Universities

Are you ready to embark on an exciting educational journey Down Under? Australia boasts a world-renowned education system, attracting students from all corners of the globe. With its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and top-notch universities, it’s no wonder why studying in Australia is a dream for many aspiring scholars. In this blog post, we’ll take … Read more

The Australian Education System

Welcome to our blog where we delve into the fascinating world of education systems around the globe. Today, we are turning our attention Down Under to explore the Australian Education System. Bursting with a rich history and unique structure, this system has gained international recognition for its innovative approach to learning. So, whether you’re an … Read more

ELICOS Pathways Scholarship Australia University

This Scholarship will cover the cost of five weeks of ELICOS for students who packaged their ELICOS with an ECU bachelor or master’s degree. Important dates Opens: 1-01-2023 Closes: 1-10-2024 Applies to International Undergraduate PostgraduateCoursework Eligibility guidelines To be eligible for this scholarship you must: Be an international student (not an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent … Read more

The university of Western Australia UWA Hackett Scholarship 2023

The UWA Hackett Scholarship is provided by The University of Western Australia to assist and encourage eligible Year 12 WACE school leavers with great potential, to commence and pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University. Eligible candidates will be automatically considered for the scholarship and do not need to submit an application. Scholarship conditions 1. … Read more