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Husband Gifts Wife’s Car To Side Chic; Wife Gets Them Both Arrested

A wife has gotten her husband and his side chic arrested after he gifted her car to the mistress.

The lady took to a relationship platform to table her problem before cyber users since her marriage is on the rocks over the act.

In her account, the lady said that her husband had gone out with her car but never returned back home with it.

Upon her inquiry, he said that the car had been stolen, and assured her that he would get another one for her.

She said that she couldn’t let the car go just that way and decided to take the matter up with the police.

However, some days later, she spotted another lady driving her car and she decided to trail it to its destination.

When they found out where the car stopped, they invited the police and got the side chic arrested.

The husband too had also been jailed for reportedly raising false alarm.

She wrote:

“My husband went out with my car earlier this year, came back and told me it was snatched, I reported to the police which he was against & promised to buy me a new car when the money comes, I couldn’t forget the car cos i got it from my family as a gift after marriage.

On Thursday last week I went to visit my friend at Karu, I saw that my car with a young lady driving it, my friend & I trailed her.

We went and raised alarm at the nearest station. We went with the police to the destination we saw her parked luckily she was still there. She was arrested & taken to the station.

Only for me to hear there that it was a gift her boyfriend gave to her, they took her number to invite the boyfriend to come & it turned out to be my husband’s number.

I called my husband to come to the station that I finally saw the person that took the car we’ve been looking for. His excuse was that he is so busy to come and told me to tell him the station and go him.

He will sort everything out, I refused. I went back & got all my proofs of ownership including pictures of my family handing over the car to me. All profs confirmed it’s my car.

The girls family came, I also invited my elder brother. The family were pleading we settle out of police. My husband came & was locked up for raising false alarm even reporting to the police that the car was stolen, he was later bailed.

The problem now is he has been so angry with me, saying all manner of things including saying he will leave home for me.

As it is, his friend came yesterday to advice me to apologize to my husband & I shouldn’t have arrested the girl or watch them lock him too in the first place that my home is about to fall apart.

What did I do wrong in this whole issue or should I have let go of a gift my family gave me because I want to please my husband & his mistress?”

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