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Female Student Shares Lecturer’s Remark After She Scored 0 In Her Test For Using ChatGPT

A Nigerian lady has shared a sad video online after her lecturer scored her zero in an essay she submitted.

In his remark, the lecturer stated in her script that her essay was written with AI (Artificial intelligence) tools.

While sharing the video of her score and the lecturer’s remark, the lady confessed that she ChatGPT but it ended up screwing her up.

Reacting to the viral video, many netizens tackled the lady for copying with chat GPT verbatim instead of paraphrasing.

Artfarihub said:

“Something wey she suppose copy and paste for quillbot to paraphrase then maybe to paraphraser. io. AI is going to be the end of human critical thinking ability tho.”

Watch the video below: (swipe left to watch the video)


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